OSP Scholarship

The Old Schoolhouse Players (OSP) is a community theater group whose focus is to bring quality theatrical endeavors to the Hickory/Washington County area by utilizing local talent and expertise, coordinating and using volunteers in all aspects of production, and training interested people of all ages in all areas of production. The group also actively supports community functions and causes by helping in production areas for special programs and giving benefit performances when possible. Our goal is to present a theater season that has appeal to all age groups, is approachable to people at all socioeconomic levels, and does not discriminate against any individual or group in any way.

As an extension of its mission, OSP has created a scholarship program to be awarded to a high school senior or current college student who is pursuing college degrees in the performing arts (performance, tech., education, music…etc.). Each year, OSP will make available four scholarships of $500.00 each to deserving candidates.

Past Scholarship Winners:

2014: Brenda Dressel, Tiffany Howard and Sidney Popielarcheck

2013: Tiffany Howard

2012: Kathryn Griffin, Megan Bodish and James Conkle

2011: Carina Ianerelli, Megan Bodish, James Conkle and Alexa Zeremenko

2010: Kristy Bissell, Troy Bruchwalski, Amber Mikec and Valerie Quayle

2009: Kristy Bissell and Kaitlyn Descutner

Click here to find out more about how you can apply for the scholarship. Click here for the scholarship application.



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